Amanda's Favorites

Shop some of my favorite items from different vendors. 


This palette is my absolute favorite and go to for on stage and everyday!

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HALO: A buttery shimmer highlight shade that can be mixed with any color from the palette to customize your highlight

THAT ONE TIME I WENT BLONDE: A banana shade that can be used to smooth, blur, set, brighten, and blend

FILLERS: The perfect peach for a pink eyeshadow look or to use as a blush to warm up your face

WIG CAP: A light bronzing shade that can be used as an eyeshadow base, bronzer, or contour

SPRAY TAN: A deeper shade to carve out your crease and cheekbones

INFLUENCE: The perfect shade to create a smokey (not racoon) eyeshadow look. This shade is perfect to use as a soft liner, deep contour/bronzer, and even to fill in the hairline


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